If you run a therapy, coaching, psychology or other practice involving sensitive data and are looking for more support:

Workshops on how to apply cybersecurity to your practice / business

Coaching through changing to a proactive, positive mindset to cybersecurity and being ready to handle any situation that comes up in your practice / business.

Coaching through the aftermath of being a victim of a cyber attack.  This can include: recovery, re-establishing confidence, building resilience, your decision-making on how to prevent a future repeat situation or any other topics that you feel will support you.

Coaching through concepts brought up in the book

Feels like an investment?

Remember that any cyber event may and will usually lead to one or all of:  down time for your practice, financial loss, damage to your reputation.

In learning to create a cyber secure practice you will also gain skills you can apply to secure your home cyberspace also and you will be more ready to tackle any situation on a personal/home level also.

The problem is expanding and not going away.  The longer you wait to create your defences, the longer you are vulnerable.

Some estimate for example that in 2020, $945 million dollars was lost due to cyber attacks/incidents.

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